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Vietnam land door to door double-clear _ Vietnam customs clearance agent

Exported to Vietnam's freight forwarders, Vietnam's land transport door to door double-clear--HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics opened the Vietnam customs clearance line, to undertake cargo round-trip Vietnamese freight forwarding in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions, handle Vietnamese customs clearance procedures, and build a Sino-Vietnamese logistics double-clear door to door Stationary service.


I. Exporting Vietnamese freight forwarders

Shanghai to Vietnam, Shenzhen to Vietnam freight forwarders, HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics set up warehouses in Shanghai, Yiwu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc. issued 4 times a week, exported to Vietnam via Guangxi Friendship Pass, the professional customs clearance team to organize the information in advance to declare to the border port, cooperate with the customs inspection, the goods will be safely transported to Hanoi, Vietnam within 2-3 days, and the cash on delivery will be safe.

II. Export customs clearance fees in Vietnam

1.Weight calculation method: the actual heavy goods are charged according to KG, and the material storage is charged by CBM, 1CBM=250KG;

2.Hanoi, Vietnam, 2 days delivery, city delivery, warehouse 3 days in advance free storage for customers to pick up, to the South Vietnam region to 4-5 days;

3.Providing packaged and bound wooden box services, 100% compensation for lost goods, and no damage to the goods due to customer packaging problems;

4.No compensation if goods are customs hold caused by concealing the value of goods, entraining sensitive goods, and retaining the right to legal action.


III. The export of Vietnamese goods packaging requirements

1.The goods are made of wooden frames, and the valuable goods are ordered by wooden boxes to prevent pressure, impact, mildew, rust, shock, and static;

2.The single piece of goods does not exceed 80KG, and the overweight is charged 80 yuan/forklift loading and unloading fees. Please pack under the guidance of HB customer service;

3.The goods are well marked and provide accurate packing details, such as the easy identification of the labels and signs, which is convenient for customs inspection and avoid the goods can’t being found;

4.Wood packaging fumigation treatment, placed neatly without carrying sensitive goods to evade customs supervision.

IV. Vietnam's freight forwarding advantages

1.The price of land for export to Vietnam is far lower than the freight rate for air transportation, and the delivery rate for 2-3 days is significantly higher than that for sea transportation;

2.The land transport can do the delivery to door, the cost includes the customs clearance fee and delivery fee in Vietnam, and the cash on delivery makes the customer more worry-free;

3.Vietnam's land transportation is suitable for goods with low cargo volume and high requirements for timeliness. The whole container is exported to Vietnam for maritime transportation, and it is sent to Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, agent Vietnam customs clearance.

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