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Thailand customs clearance operation process _ export Thailand customs clearance fee

Thailand is China's 14th largest trading partner, and its exports to Thailand are mainly mechanical and electrical products, electronics, building materials and furniture. Many friends questioned whether it is very troublesome to export customs clearance in Thailand. HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics takes everyone to understand China to Thailand double-clear, regulates the customs clearance process in Thailand, and strives for customs clearance convenience.

中泰物流專線打造快捷泰國清關通道I. Exporting Thai freight forwarders

1.Thailand's land transport double-clear: the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region exports goods to Thailand to choose land transport, through Guangxi Friendship Pass, Vietnam to Thailand, 5-7 days in the city package delivery, handling customs clearance procedures in Thailand, cash on delivery customers are more worry-free.

2.Thailand Shipping double-clear: China has booked in advance before the sea shipping to Bangkok, Thailand, and completed the complete documents. It will arrive at the port of Thailand in 10-12 days to handle the customs clearance procedures in Thailand, and reasonably strive for customs clearance and improve the timeliness.

II. Thailand customs clearance process

When the goods arrive in the customs territory of Thailand, the goods are submitted to the customs with formal customs declaration form, and the relevant documents are attached to handle the customs clearance of goods. Relevant documents include: bill of lading, 3 copies of invoice, packing list, release form (customs form 100/1 or 469), foreign exchange transaction declaration (need to be provided when the import amount exceeds 500,000 baht), import license (provided when required), FormE certificate of origin (provided when needed), etc. Under the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, most ordinary goods enjoy preferential tariffs, and cooperate with customs inspection to ensure smooth customs clearance.

機械出口泰國配合海關開箱查驗III. China to Thailand customs clearance fees

1.Exports of Thai goods are divided into general goods, commodity inspection goods, land transportation about 1500-1800 yuan / CBM (1CBM = 400KG), seaborne about 1200-1500 yuan / CBM (1CBM = 500KG);

2.For the export of Thai goods, please pack under the guidance of HB. The single piece exceeds 80KG/piece and charges 80 yuan/forklift loading and unloading fee;

3.The Thai warehouse provides 3 days of free warehousing, and the city delivery;

4.If there is a 2-3 day delay in exporting Thai goods, no compensation, no compensation with the goods’ damage, the general goods lost or hold by customs will be paid by 3 times as the freight, and the sensitive goods will be paid by twice as the freight.

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