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China to Germany shipping double clear _ German customs clearance guidelines

Is it difficult to clear customs in Germany? HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics is your first choice of German customs clearance, focusing on China to Germany double-clear shipping door to door one-stop service, customized export customs clearance logistics solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, professional customs clearance team to solve German customs clearance procedures, reasonable charges for cash on delivery, is your exclusive China to Germany logistics providers。


I. Exporting German logistics solutions

Shanghai, Shenzhen to Germany shipping agents to book in advance, the whole cabinet, bulk cargo door to door, provide accurate packing list, sort customs declaration materials, and handle export declaration procedures. According to the customer's need to purchase marine insurance, the goods to the German port to arrange German customs clearance procedures, sent to the customer's designated location. With Germany's investment in China, Sino-German trade has seen a significant increase. HB customs clearance company opened the German customs clearance line, the agent double clear to the door, the small cabinet is as low as 4,000 yuan.

II. German machinery import customs clearance agent

German new and old machinery import declaration, Hong Kong or domestic ports to receive goods for customs clearance procedures. Second-hand machinery and old equipment import declarations first arrange Hong Kong inspection, early cleaning of old equipment, rust removal of core components, bare wire replacement, etc. to ensure that the old equipment passed the inspection. HB guides customers to standardize the declaration of imported machinery name, HS code, use, principle, etc. truthfully declare the price, prepare the relevant value certificate materials in advance to actively cooperate with the customs review price, and reasonably strive for customs clearance for customers to reduce import costs。


III. China to Germany door to door double clear advantage

1.Provide export customs clearance to Germany, unlimited weight, stable shipping routes, reliable service attitude and price;

2.Shenzhen, Shanghai to Hamburg customs clearance channels, submit complete German customs clearance documents, cooperate with customs inspection to avoid customs hold;

3.Export customs clearance of German goods, 100% full insurance, cash on delivery to ensure goods’ safety;

4.Professional team standardizes customs clearance procedures, familiar with customs regulations, and strives for customs clearance for enterprises to reduce customs clearance costs.

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