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China to Japan shipping line _ Japan customs clearance agent

HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics has opened a logistics line from China to Japan. The professional team has carefully notified the customs process. The mature logistics network is dedicated to assisting customers in solving the problems of import and export. The company provides a full range of packaged Sino-Japanese logistics services. We use better and better solutions and a better and better service to reduce the cost of customs clearance in a reliable, accurate and fast manner.


I.Export to Japan shipping line

HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics focuses on China-Japan shipping line, providing furniture, machinery, electronics and other export customs clearance programs in Japan, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other southeast coast door to door loading, handling export declaration procedures, booking in advance for shipping insurance, cargo to the port for Japan Customs clearance procedures to ensure the safety of goods delivered to customers.

II. Japan Machinery Import Customs Agent

HB INTERNATIONAL agent Japan's new and old machinery and equipment, electronics, mold imports, according to customer needs to develop import logistics programs, such as international air transport, sea transportation, etc. Arrange Hong Kong inspection, cooperate with customs price review, and quickly and safely clear customs procedures to create a fast import logistics channel.

III. China to Japan door to door customs clearance port

1.Japan's customs clearance port: At present, it mainly provides major ports such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe, and Okinawa, providing customs clearance for Japanese airports and on-site delivery. The Tokyo warehouse in Japan provides 3 days of free warehousing for customers to pick up. On-site delivery consults HB customs clearance consultant in advance;

2.Mainland customs clearance port: Based on the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the company relies on the convenient advantages of Shenzhen Yantian, Shekou, Dongguan Shatian, Guangzhou Huangpu and other ports to handle customs clearance services in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, providing professional and high-quality customers’ import and export agency services.

日本進口機械配合香港中檢裝卸IV. Japan customs clearance goods

1.Japan's second-hand machinery imports provide pre-shipment pre-inspection in Japan or Hong Kong mid-inspection; goods without mid-inspection can’t be imported;

2.Japanese pre-packaged food and cosmetics imports are produced by professional teams in Chinese labels, in conjunction with commodity inspection and customs inspection, and receive health certificates to ensure the smooth import of goods;

3.Exporting ordinary goods in Japan to provide accurate packing list, report to the customs, and cooperate with commodity inspection and inspection to deliver the goods to door. The charges are reasonable and the customers are more worry-free.

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