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Hong Kong general trade import declaration agent

Global general trade import customs agent, professional team to handle import projects, provide a series of professional services for sea transportation and customs clearance, tailor-made specific project programs for customers to make your goods arrive safely.

一般貿易進口貨物到達港口接收查驗I. Hong Kong import customs clearance documents

1.Customs Declaration;



4.Packing List;

5.Lifting (transport) Orders;

6.Agent Declaration Authorization Agreement;

7.Import Licenses;

8.Handbook of processing trade (paper or electronic data) and other import related documents required by the customs. Such as: Tax Exemption Certificate.

II. Hong Kong customs clearance operation process

Customs Declaration Data Pre-entry → Customs Declaration Electronic Declaration → H2000 System Electronic Review Form → Electronic Review Form (Manual Review Form) → By printing paper Customs Declaration Form → On-site Delivery Form → Order Review → (Inspection Control) → Tax Collection → Release → Document signing and delivery → Port area release

進口貨物監管區配合海關查驗III. Hong Kong customs clearance basis

1.“Customs Law of the People's Republic of China”

2.“Import and Export Tariff Regulations”

3.“People's Republic of China Customs Import and Export goods Declaration Form Filling Specifications”

4.“Regulations on the Origin of Import and Export Goods of the People's Republic of China”

IV. Hong Kong customs clearance department

1.Professional Review Post reviewing of the electronic data of the customs declaration, reviewing the classification and price of the goods;

2.After receiving the order review document and checking the electronic data on the spot, go through the order and print the tax bill;

3.Conducting inspection on the customs declarations that have been examined and confirmed to be inspected;

4.After the Release post verifying the declaration without errors, and writte-off the tax, go through the formalities for releasing.

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