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Hong Kong warehousing service company _ Hong Kong warehousing how to charge

HB Hong Kong customs clearance company providing information management, professional management, Hong Kong goods pick-up, conversion packaging, import and export cargo processing, receiving the customer's goods in a unified time, scan into the computer in time, and the advanced warehouse management system simplifies matters, saves time and saves money.

I.Hong Kong warehousing logistics

1. General cargo consolidation and sorting, pre-dividing, cargo delivery;

2.Imported red wine, frozen food, constant temperature and humidity special food storage;

3.Imported second-hand machinery cleaning, rectifing difficult problems;

4.Warehouse to dock trailer service, Hong Kong airport and terminal exchange service, local pick up in Hong Kong;

5.Hong Kong imports to Shenzhen consolidation and full cabinet service, Hong Kong local distribution, Hong Kong warehouse finished goods transfer and distribution, etc.

香港倉儲提供貨物中轉II. Hong Kong warehousing agent

1.A variety of Hong Kong warehouse area selection, rental prices are appropriate;

2.Convenient transportation, safe and reliable;

3.Provide one-stop quality warehousing services;

4.Flexible storage time and diversified storage plan;

5.Hong Kong warehouse can store all kinds of goods in various industries;

6.The Cai Yong Container Terminal is near the MTR station and there is no need to transfer;

7.45 Chinese foot containers can be directly loaded into Hong Kong warehouses for unloading;

8.The closed-circuit television monitoring system and alarm system operate within 24 hours;

9.According to customer needs: professional handling, forklifting, packing, loading and unloading, trailers serveice, container transportation and Mainland to Hong Kong or Hong Kong to the Mainland special line inbounding and delivering services;

10.Goods transportation information tracking and inquiring.


III. Hong Kong storage equipment

The warehouse has freezing and temperature-adjusting positions, 100 ordinary cargo positions, 20 cargo loading platforms, automatic smoke spray system and automatic fire alarm system, 24-hour camera monitoring system, multiple forklifts and value-added services.

Hong Kong warehousing services have the advantages of safe, immediate and accurate management, and provide comprehensive storage services such as cargo storage, transit, tally, change of label and packaging, which are flexible, fully functional and time-sensitive.

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