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HB Hong Kong import customs clearance company agent to clear the airport, Hong Kong imports to Shenzhen and other air import services, handling machinery clearance procedures, the goods are safely delivered to customers.


I. Hong Kong Air Transport Airport Clearance Process

1.Receiving goods at the airport, sorting and checking the integrity of the goods according to the data on the Hong Kong Air Waybill, and assisting the consignee to trace or claim the goods for damaged or short-term goods. Track until the goods are all signed;

2.The airport exchanges the bill of lading and declares the imported goods to the customs;

3.Customs will review the imported goods, and if the approval is passed, the goods will be released;

4.If the goods require commodity inspection, the relevant documents should be prepared in advance and reported to the commodity inspection bureau in time. After the inspection is completed, the commodity inspection bureau will issue the certification documents;

5.Special items such as cosmetics, health products, chemical raw materials, food, medicines, powders and dangerous goods must provide MSDS component reports;

6.After the goods are picked up at the Hong Kong airport, they will be transferred to Shenzhen Huanggang and transferred directly to the Shenzhen Airport Bonded Zone. After the goods arrive at Shenzhen Airport, go to the Customs House for customs clearance.

空運貨物機場清關服務II. Hong Kong airport charges


  CFS(MIN HKD160)   HKD0.70/KG



  DOC               HKD15/SET

  Exchange fee for CIP HKD100

Other miscellaneous fees vary from airline to airline, subject to carrier charges.

I.Time of importing goods

1.After air transportation to Hong Kong Airport, it takes 1-2 days to pick up the goods from the airport to the Hong Kong warehouse, and it takes 1-3 days to pick up the goods and handle export declarations abroad;

2.It takes about 3 to 35 days to ship from abroad to Hong Kong. After shipping to Hong Kong terminal, it takes 3-4 days to refer the goods to the Hong Kong warehouse;

3.After loading the cabinets in Hong Kong, take the way of consolidating the cabinets and transport them to Shenzhen within 10 working days from the date of the ship;

4.After loading in Hong Kong, the express import method can be cleared to Shenzhen by 3-5 working days;

5.Domestic transportation can be dispatched to the door within 3-4 days.

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