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International Moving: International Freight Forwarding_Factory Equipment Relocation Service

HB INTERNATIONAL provides overall relocation of factory equipment, one-stop customs clearance agent, professional packaging, loading and unloading procedure to ensure the safety of machinery and equipment, and fast customs clearance team to reduce maximally logistics costs for customers.


I. Difficulties to move work equipment

1.Whether it is relocating abroad or relocating to a foreign country, there are a large number and a variety types of goods , and there must be a detailed product name and packing list;

2.Second-hand machinery and production line equipment shall be classified according to the name and use of HS code, and then complete the documents according to the regulatory conditions, and standardized declared to the customs;

3.Negotiate the import trial price with the customs. Usually, the second-hand machinery import declaration provides the contract and the payment of the voucher, and then combines the price of the new machine to estimate the duty-paid value of the imported goods;

4.Keep abreast of the customs policies of the countries entering the country and use economic policies reasonably to obtain preferential tariffs for enterprises.


II. Relocation logistics attention point

1.Pay attention to the safety of wood packaging and fumigation in advance;

2.Formulate a reasonable logistics plan. The second-hand machinery import declarations must be shipped for inspection, and Hong Kong inspections can also be arranged;

3.Select the appropriate customs clearance port, prepare the trade contract, packing list, certificate of origin, disinfection certificate and other certificates, pay attention to the uniformity of the documents and conform to the goods;

4.Prepare the proof of the goods in advance, the technical information of the mechanical equipment,cooperate with the inspection and inspection, and check the problematic site to propose a rectification plan to ensure a smooth and safe import.

III. Relocation and distribution services

1.Loading and unloading of factory equipment, finishing and preparing a detailed packing list;

2.Equipment transportation, shipping booking, purchase insurance;

3.Customs clearance of equipment import and export, assist customers to organize complete customs declaration materials, standardize declaration, and go through customs clearance procedures;

4.Equipment distribution, loading and unloading services, ensuring cargo safety and lower cost.

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