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The Bulk shipping export process Date:2019-10-10 11:08:50 Click:

Many shippers want to carry out shipping logistics operations for export bulk cargo, but they are not familiar with how long it takes for export customs clearance and the shipping process of bulk cargo. Hengbang international logistics specializes in general trade import and export agents, for bulk exports to provide LCL, door to door double clear one-stop service, LCL cargo, FCL cargo safe to all parts of the world.

Export bulk cargo shipping logistics

一、shipping LCL export process

1. Provide contract and invoice

2. Provide bulk cargo list, product name, specification, volume, net weight, gross weight, port of destination, etc

3. Freight forwarding company booked space in advance and arranged LCL operation

4. Make export declaration and wait for shipment after customs clearance

5. Provide customs clearance at the port of destination. After customs clearance of all FCL goods, unpack and distribute them to customers

二、LCL charges for bulk cargo

Compared with FCL, LCL charges will be charged in addition to freight, insurance and port customs clearance fees. Hengbang provides door-to-door pick-up service and handles export declaration formalities according to customs supervision requirements.

三、Matters needing attention for sea transportation LCL export

1. LCL provides accurate cargo information

2. The client shall provide bulk packaging and shall not mix the packaging. Valuable goods and fragile goods shall be put on wooden frames to avoid damage of packaging in the process of loading and unloading of containers by the forwarder

3. The customs clearance time of LCL is longer than that of FCL. All LCL goods need to be cleared before the goods can be picked up. Hengbang customs does not accept food, dangerous chemical, liquid, powder exports, inspection commodities in advance to do commodity inspection.

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