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The circle of friends of the Shanghai import expo made its debut

Author:香港清關公司 Date:2019-11-06 15:25:39 Click:

China's economy is surging forward, flowers are blooming in the south square of Shanghai national convention and exhibition center,More than 3,000 enterprises from more than 150 countries or regions have participated in the expo, and are committed to open cooperation and exhibition to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between enterprises from all countries.

Hengbang international logistics participated in the import expo

There are 192 Chinese and American enterprises participating in the exhibition, with the exhibition area ranking first among the participating countries.At the expo, we will continue to hold hands rather than let go. We will provide standard booths to 40 least developed countries free of charge to build an open and cooperative world economy.

China pavilion of import expo

China is releasing great attraction to the world and providing good opportunities for foreign enterprises to develop.China further reduced tariffs and institutional costs, and hengbang international logistics cooperated with the customs to implement the regulations on optimizing the business environment and expand imports of high-quality products and services from other countries.

The French pavilion of the import expo

Our circle of friends and trade continues to expand.More and more international products sell well in China, and China is more and more integrated with the world.

Import expo France Malaysia pavilion

250 of the world's top 500 companies and leading enterprises participated in the expo. Domestic enterprises seized the precious opportunity of entering the expo and jointly building the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, and continued to strengthen "going global" and "bringing in".

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