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Entry fair with fire imported food

Author:香港清關公司 Date:2019-11-22 09:18:00 Click:

Into the fair, more than one hundred countries thousands of companies show organic health "products", the fusion of modern science and technology of all kinds of processed food, agricultural products, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat and aquatic products, leisure food, sweet spices, wine and beverage, etc, high quality, natural health fruit and vegetable products can let a person shine at the moment.

The fair showcases imported delicacies

Bluefin tuna (bluefin bluefin), weighing more than 600 kg, was displayed in the food exhibition area of the expo on the morning of November 6.The taste is absolutely fat but not greasy. I want another bite.

Spanish ham world famous, is also one of the most representative food in Spain, Spain has been making ham for more than a thousand years of history.On this fair, Iberian ham slice raw, cut eat, can also ham slice with a mouthful of French red wine.

Taste imported food at the expo

There are asean's durian, Australian beef, German salmon, polish apple, Singapore's cooking oil, Thailand's small pineapple, Chile's pork, Argentina's red shrimp......From grain grain to fresh beef and mutton, seafood, edible oil, not only the import category is rich, but also the rapid growth.

While opening its market, China has also let the world see its characteristics and strength.With a more open mind and measures, we will work together to make the pie of the global market bigger, strengthen mechanisms that are Shared by the whole world, and make global cooperation more effective. We will work together to make economic globalization as strong as possible, and as weak as possible.

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