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Don't forget the original intention, forge ahead

Author:香港清關公司 Date:2020-01-06 12:04:33 Click:

Customs clearance ports are our stage, the temperature of containers is our passion, and the clearance on that day is the speed of goods home.

We use love, sincerity and carefulness in exchange for customers' comfort, ease and peace of mind. Hengbang international logistics gathers professional customs personnel to guide import and export enterprises to pass the customs in good faith.

Don't forget the original intention, forge ahead

When the new year's bell rings, we give our best care and best wishes to every "you" who stick to his post.

After ten miles of spring breeze, thousands of rivers and mountains, paperless customs clearance, customs inspection integration and two-step declaration, we have experienced the most beautiful scenery.

Customs broker wharf cooperates with customs inspection

Welcome the reform and opening up 40th anniversary, open up a new era of international development, learn from the early realization of the heart, close cooperation with the heart, and build a new journey along the way.

In 2020, we will continue to work hard, forge ahead with our youth, forge ahead with integrity, and guard all the years for you.

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