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Malaysia frozen durian import declaration procedures

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Pahang, Malaysia, is the region with the largest production and the best quality of durian. With the help of the Chinese and Malaysian governments, frozen durians from Malaysia that meet relevant inspection and quarantine requirements have also been allowed to enter the Chinese market.

Imported frozen durian from Malaysia

Malaysia durian import declaration

Product name:  Frozen Durian

HS code: 0810600000

Storage: storage and transportation at -18°C or below

Tax rate: tariff 0, VAT 9%

Customs clearance port: airport customs clearance

Trade method: general trade declaration

Customs clearance skills: frozen durian processing plant exported to China is put on record in the local, submitted to the Chinese customs for approval and registration, hengbang customs reasonable examination of customer information, check whether the exported factory number is suspended or cancelled. The durian with shell is frozen between -80°C and -110°C for no less than 1 hour. It is packed separately and transported to China in cold storage. It meets the Chinese plant health requirements and safety and hygiene standards. Hengbang customs declaration standard declaration in advance, the general day inspection, sampling quarantine, 3-4 hours of quarantine qualified release, shipped to the customer designated warehouse.

Import fruit airport customs inspection

The customs of Shanghai pudong airport has set up a green channel to review and evaluate relevant certificates and carry out on-site inspection and quarantine in strict accordance with the protocol signed by China and Malaysia. After confirming compliance with quarantine requirements, the batch of frozen durian with shell was released quickly. If quarantinable harmful organisms or safety and sanitation items of concern to the Chinese side are found to be unqualified from unregistered processing plants, the batch of goods shall be returned or destroyed, and the frozen durian import from relevant processing plants shall be suspended.

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