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Thai coconut meat import customs clearance process

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Coconut is covered with treasure. Every year, China imports a large amount of coconut from Thailand, the Philippines and other southeast Asian countries.

Coconut import customs clearance process

一、Coconut import qualification

1. The imported fruits and their origin should be in the catalogue allowed by the country for import;

2. Overseas suppliers shall provide the record number of import to China, and hengbon customs declaration shall reasonably examine the import information, check whether the factory number is suspended or cancelled, so as to avoid customs clearance risks;

3. Domestic consignee shall make import record in advance, submit business license, type of imported food, storage place and import and sales records of the past two years, and apply for animal and plant quarantine license.

二、Customs clearance information of imported fruits

To submit packing list, bill of lading, contract, certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate, license, packing declaration, declaration of inspection, documents required for special quarantine requirements, etc. Hengbang customs clearance to help customers sort out the import information, air or sea to the designated port declaration in advance, the customs optimize the business environment, the import of fresh goods and other goods to open a green channel, the arrival of goods inspection and release to improve the time of customs clearance.

Coconut import clearance customs inspection

三、Inspection and quarantine of imported fruits

1. Declare in advance at the designated port, and make import record and Chinese label record in advance;

2. Joint inspection of customs inspection, on-site sampling for quarantine of safety items, and detection of the ingredients of fruits consistent with the declaration;

3. Truthfully declare the price and pay the customs duties according to law. The customs duties of imported fruits are 0 and VAT is 9% under china-asean free trade agreement.

4. The sampling and quarantine of commodity inspection shall meet the requirements of the state for imported fruits, and there shall be no diseases, insect pests, pesticide residues, and the packaging shall meet the requirements and be imported without deterioration. Hengbang customs to provide customers with imported fruits, food, meat, aquatic products one-stop import customs clearance services, for customers to solve customs problems.

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