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Import customs guide for Sri Lanka tea

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China has ten famous teas and imports a large amount of tea from Sri Lanka and India every year.Hengbang international logistics agent pre-packaged tea import, share the tea import declaration process.

Tea import declaration process

Chinese label record

Chinese labels shall be made for imported tea in advance, and Chinese labels shall be made by hengpang professional team, which shall be submitted for filing within 5-8 working days. Different labels shall be made for multiple brands, places of origin, colors and packages of the same batch. After inspection and verification, the labels shall be sent to the supplier for printing or posted on the packaging box.

Tea import declaration documents

1. Certificate of origin, health certificate and commodity inspection report

2. Chinese label and import record number

3. Contract, invoice, packing list and bill of lading

Chinese label for imported tea

Enterprise import qualification

1. Whether the enterprise has the right to import and export, it can declare at the customs on its own or entrust a customs clearance company to declare at the customs;

2. Make import record in advance and submit food business license. Some imported food may need to apply for relevant import license in advance.

Customs inspection and taxation

For general trade import, according to the rate of "customs tariff", pay import tariff and value-added tax (collected by the customs) to the customs, submit certificate of origin to enjoy relevant preferential tariff;Customs inspection integrates inspection and integration, hengbang customs declaration arrangements professional customs declaration personnel on-site cooperation inspection, timely deal with various problems in the inspection, to ensure smooth customs clearance of imported tea, saving storage costs for customers.

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