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Customs declaration scheme for imported used equipment

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Second-hand machine tools can be imported, old equipment how to deal with customs clearance procedures?Hengbang international logistics focuses on the import declaration of old and new machinery, and provides one-stop import logistics and customs clearance services to solve import problems for enterprises, aiming at difficulties in classification of old equipment, strict customs supervision and complicated customs clearance procedures.

Hong Kong inspection of used imported equipment

Horizontal CNC pipe thread lathe

Import quantity: 2 sets, 40GP

Declaration elements: product name, brand, model, purpose, control method, spindle direction, etc

Import documents: contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of inspection, certificate of wood fumigation, import license

Customs inspection of used imported equipment

Difficulty in customs clearance: the used imported equipment shall be shipped to Hong Kong for inspection, and it shall be shipped to the domestic port after the inspection in about 5-8 working days, and the import specification declaration shall be sorted out in advance.Hengbang customs declarant on site with the customs inspection, timely deal with the various problems in the inspection, reasonable for customs clearance preference early release.

Hengbang customs agent import old equipment one-stop service

Master the old and new situation of imported old equipment in advance, check the nameplate information, check whether the fuselage has oil stains, exposed wires, etc. Hengbang customs clearance team in Hong Kong warehouse in advance cleaning, rectification to ensure the smooth passing of inspection.

Old lathe equipment and its parts are classified into packaging cabinets, marked for customs inspection, and wood packaging is fumigated in advance.Hengbang customs agent Japan old lathe import, share equipment import customs clearance process.

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