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Australian wine import declaration process

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What is the customs clearance procedure for imported wine? How does the customs check it?Hengbang customs adhere to the original bottles of import, the agent of Australian wine import customs, for the enterprise import agent cost-effective good wine.

Import wine customs inspection

customs declaration materials of imported wine

1. Certificate of origin of the country of origin, official health certificate, composition analysis, filling date certificate;

2. Contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, packing description (wood packing fumigation certificate);

3. Label review: prepare the foreign label in advance and submit the Chinese label to the commodity inspection for review;

4. Domestic consignees should have food circulation license and liquor business license for import filing.

Import wine customs inspection sampling quarantine

Customs clearance procedure for imported red wine

1. Confirm the shipping date, arrival date, and customs clearance of hengbang;

2. Confirm the wine products, carefully check the information (whether the packing list, invoice, product name/quantity and other information in the contract are consistent), and assist customers to sort out the certificate of origin, health certificate, etc.;

3. Make import record in advance, and hengbang customs declaration professional team make Chinese labels and submit them to local commodity inspection for review.

4. The goods shall change the bill at the dock and prepare materials for customs declaration and inspection;

5. Standardize the declaration of imported wine information, and truthfully declare the price and pay tax according to law (the certificate of origin in advance is entitled to preferential tariff, while the imported wine from Australia and Chile is entitled to zero tariff);

6. Make an appointment for commodity inspection, integrate customs inspection with inspection, examine the commodity itself and Chinese labels, carry out sampling quarantine of commodity inspection, and issue health certificate before release.

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