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Aquatic products import declaration _ lobster import clearance procedures

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Healthy, nutritious and high quality consumption boom triggered the import of seafood boom, import lobster has become a household seafood star, the customs has what supervision requirements on the import of lobster, hengbang customs clearance with you to witness the import of lobster customs clearance process.

Aquatic products import declaration _ lobster import clearance procedures

Import qualification

1. If the entry aquatic products are within the scope of national access permission, the domestic consignee shall make import record in advance and apply for import approval

2. Overseas suppliers shall register with the customs department and be qualified to export to China.

Import documents

1. Submit contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, registration of imported food production enterprises abroad, record of importer of imported food and cosmetics (just provide the name and number of the documents)

2. Supplier shall provide official test report, health certificate, certificate of origin, fishing or breeding certificate

3. Submit labels in Chinese for filing: product name and name, specifications, production date, batch number and storage conditions;Production method (seawater fishing, freshwater fishing, aquaculture), production area and production and processing enterprises (fishing vessel) name and number

Aquatic products import declaration and customs inspection

Entry inspection and quarantine

1. Import aquatic products shall be refrigerated and transported to the designated port, and chilled lobsters shall be transported to the airport by air.

2. Apply to the commodity inspection first and check the inspection list to ensure the consistency of documents, the consistency of goods and the completeness of documents;

3. The customs assessed and levied taxes, and hengbang customs declaration guide enterprises to truthfully declare prices and pay customs duties according to law;

4. If the imported aquatic products fail to pass the inspection and quarantine according to the conformity assessment procedure, the customs shall issue a certificate of non-conformity.

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