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Machinery import declaration process used equipment import clearance procedures

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China's industrial upgrading, a large number of imported old and new machinery and equipment, hengbang international logistics has accumulated a large number of machinery and equipment import customs clearance operation, can perfectly solve the customer's import needs, help customers legal customs clearance, reduce the machinery import costs.

Machinery import declaration process used equipment import clearance procedures

Import qualification of domestic consignee

For import declaration of new equipment, business license, self-declaration registration certificate and self-inspection enterprise registration certificate shall be submitted.Old equipment import needs to do import record, pre-inspection before shipment, hengbang customs according to different regulatory requirements, develop personalized import logistics program, estimated import taxes and logistics costs.

Customs clearance inspection of imported used equipment

Old equipment import declaration process

1. Accurately classify the used equipment in advance and check the customs supervision conditions according to HS code

2. Assist customers to collect packing list, bill of lading, quantity, weight, volume, function and use of imported used equipment, nameplate, front and back pictures, etc

3. Arrange cciq in Hong Kong, and hengbang customs can rent a large warehouse in Hong Kong to clean the imported old equipment and remove rust of core components in advance, so as to ensure the smooth passing of cciq

4. The enterprises shall pay their own taxes according to the tax receipt issued by the customs, and hengbang customs declaration shall guide the enterprises to truthfully declare the price and pay taxes according to the law

Machinery import declaration with customs inspection

Regardless of the import of new machinery or old equipment, hengbang customs familiar with the customs inspection requirements, according to the law and tax reasonable customs clearance to facilitate customs clearance, dedicated to help you solve the import of machinery customs difficulties.

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