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Panama pineapple import declaration import fruit clearance process

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A Panamanian pineapple has been unveiled at the first import expo. With the signing of the quarantine approval agreement between China and Brazil, it has become a fruit to enter the Chinese market after the expo.Hengbang customs clearance focuses on the import of fruit clearance, handling the import of fruit air, sea one-stop import service.

Panama pineapple import declaration import fruit clearance process

Name: Panamanian pineapple

HS code: 2006009090

Quantity: 536 kg

Clearance port: guangzhou baiyun airport

Declaration elements: product name and brand, production or preservation method, packaging specification

Import documents: factory number, certificate of origin, official inspection report, import approval

Customs clearance skills: sort out the customer information of imported fruit in advance, review the risk of customs clearance reasonably by hengbang customs declaration, and declare to the airport customs in advance.The customs of the designated port shall conduct on-site inspection and sampling quarantine, and shall be released quickly after passing the on-site inspection.

Fruit export supervision zone to cooperate with customs inspection

First of all, fruits exported to China are allowed to be imported into China.Hengbang customs clearance made Chinese labels in advance, filed import records according to the requirements of customs supervision, applied for import license, and created a green channel for fast customs clearance of imported fruits.

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