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Malaysia import frozen durian customs clearance agent

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In may this year, the general administration of customs issued a notice on allowing frozen durian imports from Malaysia, and hengbang customs clearance agent imported frozen durian from Malaysia to shenzhen, allowing Chinese to taste the real "cat mountain king" and trace the origin of the product.

Frozen durian imported from Malaysia through customs in shenzhen

Product name: frozen cat mountain king durian

Origin: Malaysia

Quantity: 3.65 tons

Port of clearance: shenzhen

Declaration elements: product name, brand, production or preservation method, grade, type, etc

Customs clearance skills: in order to ensure the smooth and efficient customs clearance of this batch of frozen durian, hengbang will inquire about policies, regulations and customs supervision requirements in advance. It is reasonable to examine the overseas official certificate and import China registration number.

Imported durian with customs on-site inspection and quarantine

After the goods arrive at the port, cooperate with the customs to implement on-site inspection and inspection and quarantine, save logistics and storage costs for enterprises, and strengthen on-site inspection, inspection and quarantine and laboratory testing to ensure the safety and health of goods.

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