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HB INTERNATIONAL Hong Kong Customs Clearance Company focuses on import and export of new and old machinery and has accumulated rich experience in importing. The Hong Kong customs clearance team has long-term service of machinery and equipment from Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to Shenzhen through transit transfer to Shenzhen, to develop a reasonable import logistics plan and a standardized declaration process. The customs clearance time for machinery is 3-5 working days faster than the counterparts, saving customers more than 10% of import costs!

注塑機進口清關裝卸圖片I.Understand the customers’ needs

Can second-hand equipment be properly imported?

How to deal with the failure of the old electromechanical origin?

What is the regulatory process for imported machinery?

How to deal with the customs inspection of price of imported machinery?

Professional customs clearance consultants understand customer needs, inquire about customs supervision requirements, estimate import taxes and fees in a timely manner, reduce customs clearance risks, tailor import plans for customers, and save import costs.

II.The standard declaration

Imported machinery and equipment is the most difficult to operate in the customs declaration industry: HS coding is difficult, the production of documents is cumbersome, the reporting process is complicated, and it’s diffcult to evaluate the price and check. Not only difficult for enterprises to operate, even though many import and export customs clearance companies have to undergo a long-term practice accumulation, constantly summing up and improving, so that imported equipment is smooth and the cost is lower.

進口機器人香港中檢查驗III.Legal tax payment and integrity clearance

1.Familiar with the old equipment import operation process;

2.Understand the key point of pre-shipment pre-inspection, provide Hong Kong warehousing, difficult rectification, and assist in the smooth passing of inspections;

3.Familiar with the classification of all kinds of imported equipment, accumulate the import data of relevant equipment, and guide the import declaration to ensure smooth customs clearance;

4.Clarify the customs and business inspection procedures and requirements, and cooperate with customs inspection and taxation.

Imported machinery and equipment must first be imported for registration, apply for relevant import licenses, and second-hand machinery imports must be pre-shipment pre-inspection in order to import normally. HB INTERNATIONAL customs clearance team handles the import pre-inspection filing, assists the customer to organize the complete import documents, guides the customers to truthfully declare the price, handles various problems in the inspection on the spot, actively negotiates the price with the customs, and uses the customs clearance skills and import policies to make reasonable tariff concessions for the customers .

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